19 Gifts For Coffee Lovers (That They’ll Actually Use And Like)

When looking for the best gift ideas for coffee lovers, you’ll run into all sorts of expensive items or slightly impractical gift ideas.

The list I’ve compiled here is meant to be both useful – as in, your friend will actually use the gifts – and at times cute, or funny, or just plain silly.

You’ll find each gift discussed in detail, what sort of occasion it would be best for, and who it would be good for. You’ll also find a table comparing all the gifts, for a quick summary.

gifts for coffee lovers (1)

A comprehensive table explaining each gift, and the best match

 ImageBest forPrice on Amazon
Godiva 3 coffee setchocolate loversclick here
Godiva choco/ coffee setchocolate loversclick here
Chocolate espresso beanschocolate loversclick here
Coffee thinscoffee snackclick here
Coffee energy barcoffee snackclick here
World atlas of coffeeall-round coffee guideclick here
Latte art booklatte art guideclick here
General coffee bookall-round coffee info and statisticsclick here
Coffee socksasking for coffeeclick here
23 coffee types, printfiguring out coffee ratiosclick here
Adult coffee coloring cookde-stress, being sillyclick here
Coffee hoodieasking for coffeeclick here
Coffee notebookjotting things downclick here
Turkish coffee setrealistic turkish coffeeclick here
6 coffee cups, smallserving coffeeclick here
Coffee mug w/animalserving coffee, but cuteclick here
Driftaway coffee subn/adifferent coffee every timeclick here
Atlas coffee clubn/adifferent coffee each monthclick here


Gift ideas for coffee and chocolate lovers

Do you have a chocolate and coffee lover ? Yes ? Then you’ll find these ideas helpful, since they’re meant to blend wonderful cocoa notes with deep, rich coffee tones.

1. Godiva chocolate infused coffee set of 3

This is a beautiful set of 3 pre-ground coffee packs, from Godiva. They usually make chocolate, and they’re very good at it.

So these coffees are going to please your coffee loving friend, since they’re infused with 3 chocolate types.

The set contains:

  • 10 oz/283 gr Chocolate Truffle Ground Coffee
  • 10 oz/283 gr Caramel Ground Coffee
  • 10 oz/283 gr Hazelnut Creme Ground Coffee

These are medium roast coffee, so your friend will be able to enjoy the actual notes of the coffee, without too much of the dark notes that come with darker roasts or dark-medium roasts.

You can check the listing on Amazon for these 3 coffee packs here, and read the reviews as well.

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2. Godiva coffee and chocolate blend, for mocha lovers

Another gift option from Godiva, but this one is more geared toward the mocha lovers.

Your friend will receive a truffle-flavored medium roast ground coffee, and a tin of gourmet hot cocoa.

Mixing and matching these ingredients will create a nice cup of mocha, that’s sure to be to your friend’s liking.

The set includes 10 oz/283 gr of ground coffee, and the tin has 10 servings of hot cocoa. All made by high-end chocolatiers from Godiva.

You can check the listing on Amazon for this chocolate/coffee set, and read the reviews as well.

3. Chocolate covered espresso beans – white, milk, and dark chocolate

Another one for the coffee lovers, this time it’s actual coffee beans, covered in chocolate.

It comes in a nice bag with all 3 chocolate types – white, milk, and dark chocolate.

They have a bit of a crunch to them, but the flavor isn’t overpowering.

If your friend’s got a sweet tooth, then they’ll definitely appreciate this treat they can nibble on at any time they want.

You can check the listing on Amazon for this wonderful blend, and read the reviews as well.

Coffee-heavy treats for coffee lovers

We’ve covered the chocolate and coffee lovers, but what about the one who just like coffee ?

Well, I found a couple of treats for them as well, and I’m pretty sure they’re going to love these too.

1.  Dunkin Donuts Coffee thins

Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee Thins – Original Blend & Caramel  are going to make your friend say thank you in a heart beat.

These are two bags, one with caramel and one in the original blend.

There’s 24 pieces in this set, so they’ll have a nice reminder of you almost all month, if they eat one a day. Who eats just one a day, though ?

Each square has 7 mg of caffeine.

You can check the listing on Amazon for these thins, and read the reviews as well.

2. Gluten-free caffeinated snack bar, 6 pack

If your friend is both a coffee lover and a health freak, they will appreciate these coffee bars. They’re made of dates, oats, nut butter, and filling.

They’re caffeinated, which will help booth their energy levels and recover after a workout faster.

Even if your friend doesn’t hit the gym that often, a healthy snack alternative is always welcome.

There are 3 flavors in this pack:

  • Fudgy Mocha Latte
  • Peanut Butter Mocha
  • Salted Caramel Macchiato

Your friend’s bound to love these, and they’ll thank you after their morning jog.

You can check the listing on Amazon for these bars, and read the reviews as well.

Books and stationery for the curious or artsy ones

If your friend’s more of a reader, creator, writer, or just likes to sit back and enjoy their coffee, then these gifts might be better suited.

The books are both informative, and are going to help your friend understand more about coffee. Who know, they might even find something new they didn’t already know.

1. The World Atlas of Coffee: From Beans to Brewing

Your coffee lover won’t be disappointed by this book, and they’ll find that the info put in there is still up to date and relevant.

It’s a hard-cover version, which is always going to look nice on a coffee table.

We all need a big, fancy book somewhere in the living room, and I think this one’s going to be a hit.

The man who wrote this amazing book is an actual barista. Scratch that, he’s a Barista Champion (title won in 2007) and has his own coffee roasting company.

The guy knows what he’s doing, and he’ll help your friend fill in the gaps.

You can check the listing on Amazon for this book, and read the reviews as well.

2. Latte art for the barista at home

Another one for the home baristas. Also a hardcover, which is going to look great and allow your friend to actually see the patterns clearly.

This book focuses on the various latte art styles, and how to actually make each of those beautiful patterns.

Instructions are simple enough, easy to follow. There’s a learning curve, sure, but with a little practice and this book, your friend’s going to become a great latte artist.

You can check the listing on Amazon for this book, and read the reviews as well.

3. Coffee for the coffee table, witty and informative

Yet another coffee book, and this one is a hardcover as well.

This book’s got the basic and not-so-basic info on coffee, all laid out nicely in attractive illustrations and funny comparisons.

It’s informative, since your friend will actually learn coffee facts.

And it’s also going to keep their interest, since it’s got really good illustrations and facts that will make your friend ponder the meaning of coffee in their life.

You can check the listing on Amazon for this book, and read the reviews as well.

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gifts for coffee lovers (2)

Coffee themed items for the funny ones

If your friend’s into gags and jokes, or even just novelty items, then they’re going to find these very much to their taste.

I know I’d love the coffee socks, since I’m almost always making coffee.

1. Coffee socks – If you can read this, bring me a cup of coffee

These are crew socks, available in two sizes and are very stretchy. Both for women and for men.

They’ve got a nice coffee tone going on, from toe to seam. With coffee stickers.

And your friend won’t ever have to speak to ask for coffee. They can just put their feet up and look at you expectantly.

So, if you’ve got a coffee lover who is always making coffee or asking for coffee or talking about coffee, then this might be for them.

You can check the listing on Amazon for these socks, and read the reviews as well.

2. 23 coffee types printed, explained

If your friend’s always yammering on about all the ways coffee can be made, and each coffee drink ever made, then they might enjoy this as well.

It’s a 18” x 24” poster, so 45.7 x 61 cm. Frame not included.

Your friend’s going to love this, and who knows, maybe they’ll get their next coffee inspiration from this nice poster.

If they’re every wondering what kind of coffee to have today, they’ll have 23 different answers to pick from.

You can check the listing on Amazon for this poster, and read the reviews as well.

3. Adult Coloring Book for Coffee Lovers

Has your friend been under a lot of stress lately ? Then this coloring book with coffee-related drawings might be just the thing for them.

A nice opportunity to relax and de-stress.

And simply think about coffee and be happy.

It’s got many spaces to fill, so it will take them some time and focus to fill it all out. That’s good though, they’re going to forget what they were worried about by the end of each page.

As long as your friend’s got markers or color crayons to fill it in, they’ll be very happy.

You can check the listing on Amazon for this coloring book, and read the reviews as well.

4. Coffee hoodie – First, I need coffee

This one is for the coffee lovers who need to proclaim their love of coffee, for everyone to see.

If your friend is like that, then they’ll be very thankful for this gift. Now everyone will know they love coffee – and it probably loves them back.

There are several sizes to choose from, though the color is almost always black.

It’ll be a nice reminder of you for your friend when they have to go out and get coffee.

You can check the listing on Amazon for this hoodie, and read the reviews as well.

5. Bullet Journal: Coffee Notebook with Dotted Grid

Is your friend a very organized person ?

Do they love to keep track of things and seem to be always scribbling down on something ?

This notebook can help them out, and remind them they need a cup of coffee as well.

It’s got a dotted grid format, so in a serious case of boredom you could even play connect the dots with your friend.

Or, you know, just use the notebook to write shopping lists or sketch out some very precise models of a house. Their call.

You can check the listing on Amazon for this journal, and read the reviews as well.

Coffee subscription services so your friend can always have fresh coffee

Is your coffee loving friend always changing their coffee ? Always looking for the next best thing, so they can enjoy all the coffee types out there ?

If so, then a coffee subscription service might be for them.

1. Driftaway coffee

For example Driftaway coffee has this subscription option, which means your friend will get fresh coffee shipped to them as often as they like.

The ship weekly, by weekly, and monthly. All coffee is shipped 6 hours after being roasted, so your coffee lover’s going to be guaranteed the freshest possible brew.

Driftaway works with different farmers from different estates, from different countries and continents. This means your friend is going to get a new coffee with each new shipment, according to what they like in their coffee.

They will also be able to keep in touch with the farmers directly, and send them notes on taste and brewing, so the farmers can get betetr at their jobs. It’s a really nice way of keeping everyone connected.

You can gift a subscription to your friend, starting right here.

2. Atlas coffee club

With atlas coffee, you’re getting an international coffee as well. But it’s different, since this one is curated by them.

Each month, the coffee club picks out a new coffee from somewhere in the world, so everyone can sample it.

That particular coffee gets shipped to everyone in the club so they can try it out. Along with a nice postcard, and origin-story of that coffee.

You can also opt for coffee that was on offer in past months.

Atlas works internationally, with micro-farms where the farmers take very much care of what they grow and how their coffee turns out. So you can be sure your friend is getting quality coffee.

You can gift your friend with a subscription, starting here.

Coffee sets and mugs for the coffee lovers

If your coffee loving friend is more down to earth, and would rather enjoy a nice set of coffee cups, or a very specific kind of coffee cup, then these will be great for them.

1. Turkish coffee set, with two cups and sugar holder

A Turkish coffee set is going to look very nice on anyone’s table, so delicate and intricate and beautifully wrought.

The cups are small, as Turkish coffee is meant to be served in small sizes and very very concentrated.

Your friend will get a nice set of two cups, spoons, tray, and sugar holder for this set.

The set is fairly small, since the whole thing is only meant for two persons.

Still, if your friend’s very much into Turkish coffee, then they’ll love this as well.

You can check the listing on Amazon for this set, and read the reviews as well.

2. Set of 6 coffee cups (small, espresso) for rainbow types

If your friend’s the happy-go-lucky type, they might appreciate this nice rainbow of colors.

Their coffee cups will be very colorful, and very hard to mistake for one another.

Comes in 3 sizes:

  • 3 oz/88 ml, good for espresso and espresso macchiato or affogato
  • 8 oz/236 ml, great for almost every other kind of coffee
  • 12 oz/350 ml, for lattes and frappes or other large drinks

You can pick whichever size you like for your friend. The link I’m leaving here is for the 3 oz/88 ml ones.

You can check the listing on Amazon for these cups, and read the reviews as well.

3. Coffee mug with a cute animal figure inside

If your friend is a very cuddly type, loves animals and would be fall in love with any kitten, then this is for them.

It’s a coffee mug that’s also got a cute little animal figure right inside, attached to the bottom of the cup.

As your friend’s drinking coffee, they’ll be greeted by more and more of the cute figure.

Comes in various styles and animals, so you can pick out whichever you think your friend will like.

Holds 200 ml/6.7 oz of liquid.

You can check the listing on Amazon for the cup, and read the reviews as well.

4. Coffee-shaped ice cubes for their perfect iced coffee, or cold brew

Coffee shaped ice cubes. Can be made with actual coffee, to keep the drink caffeinated and not watered down.

So, If your friend is very much into coffee, then they’ll love this nice ice tray.

It’s silicone, so it will pop out each cube easily enough. Dishwasher safe.

You can check the listing on Amazon for this ice cube tray, and read the reviews as well.

Final thoughts

I hope I managed to help you out here. I know there are so many other gift ideas out there, but this is my take on it.

You can always pair a gift idea from here with something that was already on your mind.

And remember, almost everyone loves a snack, and they always look great in a gift basket. I know I’d love some of those espresso beans myself.

If you want to know more about coffee or tea, feel free to check the related articles below. Who knows what else you might find ?